Ghana Nigeria Business & Investment Conference

Tuesday 18th October 2022
Investing in Ghana & Nigeria

Investing in Ghana & Nigeria

Globally we are moving through turbulent times. For the majority of countries, the ability to innovate and/ or diversify is needed more today than ever before.

With Africa no longer being coined 'The Dark Continent', but rather 'Africa Rising', playing a vital role in gold, cocoa and natural minerals. Having established the Africa Free Continental Trade Area (AfCFTA),  the worlds largest free trade area and within the next decade, home to the largest youth population globally - the opportunity of doing business on the continent is more attractive and potentially lucrative for investors to consider.

Ghana & Nigeria - being one of the leading economies on the African continent and ranking most favourable business environment in West Africa; are diverse economies which offer investors and businesses a safe base to establish their business on the continent.

Ghana Nigeria Business & Investment Conference, taking place for the first time in the USA, will focus on business and investment opportunities, rapid emerging economies including Technology and the Green Economy.  The conference will also delve into legalities, compliance and infrastructure for delegates to appreciate the nuances of doing business in Africa, aiding them in making informed decisions.

Event speakers will include both Prominent Government officials, Promotional agencies and Private sector players from both Ghana and Nigeria. 

The Ghana Nigeria Business & Investment Conference, will place you with industry leaders and provide inroads to aide you in establishing your business, build strategic partnerships, and/or navigate investment.

This conference is organised and initiated by the Ghana / Nigeria Business Council.


Conference Topics Include

Understanding the full scope of Ghana’s current infrastructure challenges and key projects which are being worked on and opportunities which are available in this space including case studies

A deep dive into the Ghanaian economy over the past 5 years and the projected performance. This session will look at key risks and how investors can mitigate them; corporate and individual investment incentives, promoting the investment terrain

Reviewing 9 key business opportunities to take advantage of in Ghana, from intra-Africa trade to export to global markets.

Looking at investment opportunities, what is hot, what is coming up, whilst highlight the importance of collaborations and partnerships.
Green Economy

Reviewing how Ghana is developing its green economy, innovations and key challenges within this space.

With the nations rapid development and participation in the global digital village, technology in Ghana is rapidly taking the front stage. Being implemented across Government, Corporate and Consumer spaces - tech is playing a huge role in driving development, inclusion and new business. This session looks at the tech industry for investment.
Corporate Spotlight

Testimonial of key experiences, nuances, challenges, key things for investors and new businesses to be aware of.

Discussing the legalities of doing business in Ghana, key incentives and things to consider. Understanding the Ghana legal system and disparities.


Gain access to our hybrid conference, with lunch and beverages. Network and connect with your peers and high-level officials from Ghana and Nigeria.

Tickets are now on sale for $250.

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